Tuesday, 12 September 2017

MV Feedback.

This is the video I've recorded during the lesson after pitching my three ideas:

There were more feedback, however, my phone has run out of space...
Anyway, I remember pretty much everything, so there are main points for each idea:

First idea:

-Will be difficult to film in multiple locations, need to think about how to simplify the plot without loosing the main concept of the idea.
-Need to think carefully about the make-up - what type of zombie is it?
-Some people may find the image of zombies and blood disturbing, which you have to keep in mind and maybe try to bring that aspect down slightly.

Second idea:

-This is a short movie, rather than a music video, need to think about the changes you can do to the plot in order to simplify it.
-The concept of the bulbs lighting up every time the main characters are getting closer to falling in love - is great, try to expand it.
-The song is too popular, probably need to change it.

Third idea:

-The song is too popular to be used, need to think of another one.
-The images of blood and violence may be disturbing to other people, as well as, to some members of your group. Probably need to bring that down a bit.
-Multiple murders may become comical at some point, so the whole idea loses the intended dramatism.

All of the feedback was very helpful, both positive and negative, as it will help me to construct a developed, thought-through idea.

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  1. Hi Dora. Did you make the gif? If so how did you make it? Would I be able to use it?